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Supporting the TBBS / TDBS Community

TBBS Computer System Welcome Back to TBBS.org

TBBS.org is back online, but we are still bringing things online, please be patient.

TBBS.org is a user support site for eSoft's The Bread Board System (TBBS). we support all of eSoft's TBBS products, these include TBBS, TDBS, TIMS, QSO, SYSOM and UltraChat just to name a few. We also have our own product called TIAD, this allows a Sysop to connect his/her TBBS system to the internet via a Windows system.

We hope this site will be helpful to you in setting up and running a TBBS system, please feel free to browse our forums and files area. If your just looking to logon to a BBS check the BBS list for some great systems.

Regards TBBS.org Staff